Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY.

We believe that traditional canoe building should be viewed as the work of quality master craftsman and that people will reward us by paying a reasonable price for the product of our labour. We have no intention or desire to compete with the various types of cheaper plastic canoes on the market. They are for another purpose and another market and another type of canoe owner.

We believe there are people who appreciate the workmanship and quality of a hand made cedar rib and planked canoe.  They see a canoe as more than a means of water travel.  A canoe is a work of art to be enjoyed not only for its practicality but for its aesthetics – an heirloom to be passed on to their children and their children’s children.

We take pride in our craft.  It is a labour of love.  Each canoe has its own unique characteristics that we, as builders know well, and prospective buyers will appreciate over time.

We stand behind our canoes.  They are unconditionally guaranteed.  We do not expect and will not tolerate any defects – no questions asked.  Of course, common sense must prevail. Normal maintenance is expected and if your canoe flies off the roof of your car or your canoe trailer we will do what we can to help but it is your responsibility.

We sell direct – no middleman.  The best way for us to give value to you is to make sure that we are fairly compensated for our work and you get what you pay for – quality materials combined with quality workmanship.