Canoe Models

Our Classic 26′ Guides Canoe – The Miramichi Gentleman

Our 26′ Canoe (pictured here) is the ultimate fishing canoe. Used on the Miramichi and Restigouche for years, this canoe has all the qualities expected of a quality fishing canoe:

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Ability to carry loads
  • Fast

These are heirloom canoes and last for years with little annual maintenance.
They can handle up to a 15HP outboard motor.  A 9.9HP moves it just fine, and in low water a 6HP is all you need.  They can be poled and paddled as well.
They comfortably handle three people and fishing gear and handle well with a 1000 pound load (we had eight people in one once, but I would not recommend it!!)
They are stable enough to comfortably stand and cast from and land that big one!
While 26′ is our standard length, we can make them in 28, 24 and 22 foot models.

Once you try one of these, you will never go back!!


18′ The Miramichi Lady

Our 18 foot canoe is designed in the spirit of the Chestnut prospector.  Pointed on both ends, stable enough to stand and pole or fish from, yet versatile enough to paddle.
They are constructed with the same process as all of our canoes and are canvas covered.


16′ Miramichi Buddy

One of Chestnut’s popular canoe lines was the “Pal”, so it seemed appropriate that we name our 16′ canoe the “Miramichi Buddy”.  A great versatile canoe, great for river tripping of lake paddling.
Canvas covered gives this beauty flexibility in the water.  Beautifully finished woodwork on the inside. The outside skin can be a color of your choice.